Australian National Team

The Australian National Team has been at the forefront of international PDRL. The team have competed in Trans-Tasman Test clashes against the New Zealand Kiwis and recently participated in the Rugby League World Cup in England. The Australian side did their country proud in the tournament and have built a program involving some of the world’s best talent. The potential of international PDRL is unlimited.

CURRENT AUSTRALIAN SIDE (as at the 2022 Rugby League World Cup)
  1. Kane Ridgley
  2. Jonathan Smith 
  3. Bryce Crane 
  4. Karel Dekker 
  5. Kyle Lloyd
  6. Dean Clark
  7. Hudson Wicks
  8. Stephen Hendry
  9. Harry Rodgers 
  10. Adam Hills
  11. Dylan Jobson
  12. Richard Muff
  13. Peter Mitchell
  14. George Tonna
  15. Edward Sharp
  16. Rylan Gaudron
  17. Geoff Clarke
  18. Fady Taiba
  19. Rylee Lowe
  20. Michael Baker
Vale- Kyle Lloyd. Kyle was a remarkable young man who loved rugby league. He overcame adversity throughout his life and did not let these challenges stand in his way. Kyle was loved by his parents, family, friends and teammates and he left us unexpectedly and far too soon. He made lifelong friendships over many years and will be forever missed.