Our Story

NSW Physical Disability Rugby League Association is affiliated with NSWRL and is the trading name of Physical Disability Rugby League Australia (the Association).


Our mission is – To provide children and adults with a physical disability the opportunity to participate in a fun, inclusive sport and be a part of the Rugby League family.

At present it is a 6-team competition (South Sydney Rabbitohs, Wests Tigers, Newton Jets, Sydney Roosters, Parramatta Eels and Manly Sea Eagles) with our home ground at Cabramatta Rugby League Club.


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Who can Play

Children, women and men who never thought they could!

The rules and competition are true to the game. But have been modified to cater for those with a passion for rugby league and with a physical disability that affects their strength, speed or coordination – to safely play the game they love.

PDRLA Mission

The most common disabilities of participants include conditions such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury (ABI) and stroke but other physical disabilities qualify as well. Eight of the 10 impairment classes in the Paralympic Movement are eligible to play in PDRLA: impaired muscle power, athetosis, impaired passive range of movement, hypertonia, limb deficiency, ataxia, leg length difference and short stature.

Note: These impairments should be directly related to the condition and not due to secondary deconditioning due to an inactive lifestyle or usual wear and tear of aging.

The Future

Through the support of sponsors, the NRL, NRL Clubs and NSWRL and efforts of dedicated volunteers the competition is expanding from its beginnings in 2010 to a future beyond the current six teams. NSWPDRL have already represented their country in Australia in 2018 and in the future, with the world-wide expansion of PDRL, we expect to represent Australia overseas.

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First step to Join PDRLA as a Player

Ready to join our competition!

Use the website CONTACT  page to request a medical assessment form.

We will email you the form to give to your doctor to complete.

It also has information about who can play. Please ring if you have questions about the information on the form.

Modified Rules

Games are played under the rules of ‘The Australian Rugby League Laws of the Game 2010’. But are modified to maintain safety and enable players of all ages and genders with a physical disability to play rugby league – to play the game they love!

The game is made up of two halves, each of twenty minutes and with a ten minute interval. As per NRL rules a Try will be worth 4 points and a Goal 2 points.

There are no scrums in the modified game. An accidental knock on or drop ball is called as a tackle and at the completion of six tackles a change-over applies.

Players wear either Black or Red shorts. Players wearing Red shorts are those whose condition makes them unable to “tackle” or be “tackled” – touch only. It is compulsory for female players and players under the age of 16 years of age to wear red shorts. Players wearing black shorts will play the standard NRL tackle rules.

Able-bodied players (ABs) can play in a support role on the field in physical disability rugby league. But not more than two per team are allowed on the field at any time. Able-bodied players cannot score tries, run with the ball for more than 10 metres, kick goals or kick in general play. A tackle is achieved on an AB player by touch or tackle.