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Support Us



Thank you for stopping by to see how you can support us.


There are a number of ways you can get involved to support and promote us.


Our mission is to provide children and adults with a physical disability the opportunity to participate in a fun, inclusive sport and be a part of the Rugby League family.


Play For Purpose Raffle

One way we fundraise is through the Play For Purpose Raffle.  They are a not-for-profit themselves and are endorsed as a fundraising tool for sporting clubs by Sport Australia.

Each $10 raffle ticket purchased guarantees a minimum of $5 back to the charity or sporting club you nominate. The rest of the money goes towards purchasing the prizes, bonus payments supporting other charitable causes and running the raffle. Every ticket also gives you the chance to win amazing prizes.


Our not-for-profit is run solely by volunteers who support the mission and work hard on the day to day business and on game days – and of course, with promoting us.


NSWPDRLA Volunteer Terry - still assisting in 2018
NSWPDRLA Volunteer Keith 2018 - Referee and ex Board member