Our Board

The Board



As an organisation we are based on inclusion and enjoying, playing and sharing the sport we love. We are affiliated with NSW Rugby League – so it is a given the Board would not only strive to operate PDRLA under the policies and guidelines of Rugby League administration but also their beliefs.


PDRLA Board Values

In May 2020 the Board adopted a Board Charter and manage PDRLA with values that have a foundation in those of the Australian Rugby League Commission – ARLC and National Rugby League – NRL.

By working in this way it will provide members with a united, positive and inclusive culture and solid associations within the wider Rugby League family.



Engaging and empowering everyone to feel welcome and valued.

Allowing all team members to speak and respecting their ideas.

Reaching out to new participants and supporters.

Promoting equality of opportunity in all its forms.

Respecting and valuing diversity in culture, gender, sexuality and social background.


Seeing the opportunity in challenges – harnessing it.

Valuing the importance of every decision and every action.

Standing up for our beliefs and empowering others to do the same.

Standing up and being recognised as a brand ambassador.



Recognising and respecting our differences while achieving common goals.

Understanding to regard oversights as learning and growing together.

Encouraging and inspiring those around us to achieve our challenges with the highest standards.

Committing to a culture of respect, honesty, and trust.

Putting the business and members ahead of individual needs and personal agenda.


Having the strength to make the right decisions, placing facts ahead of emotion.

Taking responsibility for your own actions and the impact they have on others, common goals and the brand.

Persisting to do something despite how difficult it is or how long it takes to achieve.

Setting clear goals that we can follow and use to measure our achievements.

Striving to be the new benchmark and make a difference – innovating.

Current Board Members

The Board is the planning and decision-making group for PDRLA. It manages the Association’s business and activities on behalf of the members. Board meetings are usually on the second Monday of each month at our home ground (Cabramatta Rugby League Club).

Under the Constitution, the Board is a mix of elected and appointed directors with a variety of business skills to suit the internal and external operating environment at any given time. All Board members operate under a position description outlining duties and key result areas – leadership, governance, legal and ethical issues, administration, strategic planning, financial and risk management, media, promotion and fundraising. Documents relating to Board members can be viewed on the Resources page.

All of our Board members are volunteers and do not receive payment for their service.

They can be contacted via the Contact Us Forminclude the Board member’s name in the message.


2020 AGM

Due to COVID restrictions the 2020 AGM was unable to be held until 13 March 2021.

There were three nominations for elected director positions – Neil Williamson, Tom Healey and Martin Meredith. All three were elected to the Board by the members.

Sadly Patricia (Trish) Spennati retired from the Board at the AGM after serving the maximum term of six years.


Neil Williamson

Elected Director – Second term – 2020 AGM (13 March 2021) Chair/COVID-19 Safety Officer + Finance & Administration Standing Committee member

Elected Director – First term – 2018 AGM to 2020 AGM (13 March 2021) Chair/Secretary/COVID-19 Safety Officer + Finance & Administration Standing Committee member


Paul Tubridy

Board Appointed Director – commenced in 2020 – Game operations (2021) Treasurer + Finance & Administration Standing Committee Chair (2020, 2021)


Tom Healey

Elected Director – First term – 2020 AGM (13 March 2021) Sponsorship

Casual vacancy position on the Board – commenced in 2020 Sponsorship


Josef Ferraro

Board Appointed Director – commenced in 2020 – Public Officer/Secretary (2021)


Martin Meredith

Elected Director – First term – 2020 AGM (13 March 2021)

National Sporting Agency Representative on the Board – 2020


Jessica Macartney

Board Appointed Director – commenced July 2021 – Wellbeing + Member Protection Information Officer



The Board has created a policy and procedures relating to the formation of Board standing subcommittees and ad hoc committees (task forces, steering committees, project groups etc) that will support and assist the Board to carry out Association business.

All committees operate under terms of reference with their main function being to research matters and make recommendations for whole of Board discussion and approval. Committees cannot make decisions on behalf of the Board. They are a combination of Board members, PDRLA members and non-members with skills and experience relating to the committee tasks.

The Board keeps the creation of committees to a minimum but has one standing committee (Finance and Administration). Other committees are created and disbanded as required, such as the 10-year Anniversary Event Organisation Taskforce.


Previous Board Members

Patricia (Trish) Spennati – Last term – 2018 AGM to 2020 AGM (13 March 2021)

Joshua (Josh) Maxwell – Commenced in 2019 as a Board Appointed Director and resigned on 19 December 2020